Control Dust For Long Periods Of Time In Any Type Of Soil, Weather Conditions, And Traffic Volume You Can Think Of...Even If You Have +300 Tons 
Dump Trucks
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Hint: Requires NO WATER and it will save you money.
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Kevyn J Kelley
The phone call consultation was very informative in helping decide the best way to proceed with future savings in controlling dust at my pit.
Owen Mudenda
The conversation was excellent, I am very optimistic the eco-soil products will be invaluable in our quest to achieve cost effective road construction and dust control.
Mpho Motlhabane
Awesome presentation for a much needed ecofriendly product. Highly recommended from an industrial hygienist.
''Possible The Most Revealing Dust Control Free Consultation You Will Ever Attend In Your Lifetime''
Hello there,

Controlling dust is hard…

I know that because I have spent many years trying to figure out the best way to control dust in any type of industry, soil type, weather conditions, and traffic volume you can think of

So after many sleepless nights, trials and errors, and hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way (ouuch)…

I found the holy grail of dust control! (take that you evil faceless dust)

If you want to control dust in your operations, whatever your industry is – mining, construction, agricultural, oil & gas, transportation, road construction…

Or whatever your dust generation situation is – heavy traffic, high volume traffic, high-speed wind, fine soil particles that are becoming airborne as fast as the speed of light… 

Then this will be the most important consultation you´ll ever attend…

Lemme explain…

My name is Marc Mesa, founder and CEO of the leading dust control company Eco-Soil Group

And up until a few years ago I was as clueless and lost as you can be when it comes to controlling dust

I started doing some research (God bless Google) and experimenting with many methods to see what really works…

So I started applying water on unpaved roads to see what happens

I did more than 6 times per day; 7 days per week for months on end…

And let me tell you, it was  H E L L   O N    E A R T H!  🔥

I ended up wasting 150,000 litres of water per day (I could have filled an Olympic swimming pool in 16 days and have a nice relaxing day drinking Piña Colada!)…

Increasing my operational costs by more than 80%...

And spending more money on tyres replacement and maintenance costs than what Paris Saint-Germain paid for Neymar back in 2017

I was in what I call the Endless Hamster Race Of Dust Control

Yes, you guessed it…It involves a hamster and a wheel

And it looks like this 👇

After that, it all changed for me!

Instead of wasting millions of litres of water and money to control dust every single day with no real success…

I was now able to control dust no matter the traffic volume, type of soil, weather conditions, or any project specification with a success rate of 100%!

No need to adjust your screen compadre…you´re seeing right

A success rate of 100%

That´s me getting ready to apply my Secret Methodology on an access road in Africa that was so dusty that the communities around were having serious respiratory problems.
I finally came up with a proprietary SECRET METHODOLOGY that allowed me to control dust for long periods of time efficiently and cost-effectively at any time of the year and in any kind of weather conditions.
Apply Water
No Dust For 30 Minutes
Water Evaporates
Dust Rises Again
Do It All Over Again
Know what I mean?
I was that hamster running on a wheel…getting nowhere!

After a while, I thought to myself… 🤔

There must be a better way to control dust without applying that ridiculously high amount of water and increasing my operational costs

To make a long story short….

After many cups of coffee, early mornings rising, a ton of trials and errors, and a few tweaks here and there…

After the job was done and the whole day without having a snack…

I got my reward…

And it was a pretty good one by the way

A tasty and fresh fish recently fished by the local community.

It´s not only that I have used my Secret Methodology to control dust on an access road…
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Profile of The Month
I Have Also Used This Secret Methodology To…
Help companies to preserve water for their operations, saving them a few millions of dollars along the way, by cutting water consumption by 80% and in many cases by 100%. This methodology is so powerful that it will allow you to control dust no matter the type of surface you have without a single drop of water (again, no need to adjust the screen – NO WATER).

Cut dust generation by 80% on an unpaved road in less than a day and with as little as $150 (Truth to be told, we did this in less than one hour and with a single procedure!) – This technique alone is responsible for millions of dollars in saving.

Control dust for as long as 16 months in a row without regrading your unpaved road at all!

Decrease equipment maintenance costs by more than 25%

Help companies save millions of dollars in fines and penalties by environmental regulators.

Decrease haulage road operational costs by more than 40% in less than 30 days! (no one in the industry can claim this stat).

Help mining companies to eliminate completely truck accidents on their roads –One company was having between one and two accidents per month.

Increase operations productivity by 60% and decrease dramatically workers health respiratory problems in construction and mining operations.
And the list goes on and on….

Look, I could easily fill up an entire page of success stories just like those ones…

Because I have used this methodology in many countries and in many sectors of the world economy you can imagine.

You name it…
From Mining To Construction
Oil & gas
Renewable Energy
Waste Management
Power Generation
And Road Construction
The beauty of this methodology is that it works in any type of situation you can think of…

Listen, I don´t really care if you have to control dust on an access road, stockpiles, working area, tailing dam, underground mining, unpaved car parks, on a super extra heavy traffic haul road, or just in your back garden…

I don´t even care if your soil type is gravel, silty, sandy, peaty, or chalky soil…

Or if the location you want to control dust in is melting hot, raining like the world is going to end tomorrow, or just freezing cold

As long as you have dust and an unpaved surface, my Secret Methodology will work like a charm!

Look, this isn´t some out-of-thin-air and mythological concepts extracted from ancient caves in the Dead Sea

This is a proven, scientific backed, field-tested methodology that is working right now in 2022.
Enough Of The Chit-Chat And Show Me Some God Damn Real Proof Of What This ''Secret Methodology'' Of Yours Can Really Do!
As you can see, dust was literally all over the place.

The situation was so bad, that the workers were complaining that they even had dust inside their knickers (true story…)

So, after a few Zoom meetings – and yes, this was during the pandemic so we couldn´t put our boots on the ground – and some planning…

We deployed our Secret Methodology and BOOM 💥
Okay, okay I hear you amigo…

Look, I´m a true believer in hard, real tested results (mostly from independent labs) from real projects where this powerful methodology has been applied with outstanding results…

This is not some dreamy theory I came up with within the last few days with no real field application…

This is a practical, proven, real field-tested methodology I have deployed in hundreds of projects all around the world with palpable and verifiable results

You need PROOF? 

Well, I´ll give it to ya…

What I´m about to show you is one of the many projects I have applied my Secret Methodology

This project in particular was for a mining company that was having serious dust problems in their operations

Their dust level was well beyond the safety limit of 20% (opacity limit)

Without getting too technical not to bore you…

Opacity is the concentration of dust particles in the air at any given moment…

So, if that concentration is beyond the 20% threshold, you´re in great danger compadre…

Because dust has officially taken over!

In this case, something needed to be done and QUICK

This is how it looked like before deploying my Secret Methodology
Danger Threshold > 20%
Danger Threshold > 20%
We decreased dust levels far below the 20% danger zone right from day one of applying my Secret Methodology.

I´m telling you, this stuff delivers immediate results and is working right now!
Not Satisfied Enough You Greedy Truth-Seeker? Here´s Some Extra Proof…
And by the way, I really appreciate you´re skeptical about this Secret Methodology

Cause the internet is full of phony dust control ´gurus´ who claim to have the solutions for your dust problems and sell you only empty promises

You know, these fellows are the pirates of the Caribbean of the internet

So I don´t expect you to blindly take my word…

Why is why I´m showing you real-life results

Look, this methodology is so powerful and life-changing that it remains effective for at least 1.5 years after implementing it!

Yes, you read that right…You implement my methodology today and it will control dust for 547 days!

Here´s the proof (field-tested)…
I know you´re desperate for a little visual massaging and I´ll give it to you (wink)


After My Secret Methodology
As seeing is believing and so far you´ve seen quite a lot, let´s now look at...
Before My Secret Methodology
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Who Needs This Startling Free Consultation?
Are you an environmental or mining engineer student ready to have from the start of your career a methodology that will tell you the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts of dust control?

Are you an intern, junior engineer, assistant engineer, junior environmental engineer starting your work life who wants to learn how to control dust in the most efficient way to impress your boss right away and get a promotion?
If you raised your hand to any of the above questions, you need to Book Your Free Consultation now before the few spots remaining get filled up.

Now, it´s important you understand…
Are you a general manager, CEO, vice president or in any other top executive position who wants to decrease your construction or mining operational costs and increase your productivity?

Are you an owner of any business experiencing dust-related problems, whether that be in the construction, mining, renewable energy, transportation, road construction, agricultural, aviation, waste management, oil & gas industries?
Are you a Senior mining engineer, an environmental manager, project manager, superintendent, underground mining manager/engineer, quarry engineer, quarry manager, or an environmental consultant who wants to control dust quickly, efficiently, and for long periods of time without the headaches of trial-and-error?

100% Privacy
Brand Experience
I know you may be skeptical about all of these and you´re probably thinking…

Why is this guy giving away all of these valuable information for free?

Is he out of his mind or did he just slip while taking a salty bath and hit his head against the floor?

Here´s the thing…

I want to get a lot in this life and probably in the next one

And in order to get a lot, you have to give wayyy more…

And I mean a hell of a lot more!

My humble hope is that after the consultation you´ll be so impressed with all the technical advice, tips, and practical solutions I´ll be giving you to solve your dust problems…

That you´ll want to do business with me at some point in the future

Just like Vladimir from Russia did after he attended the consultation
I´ve got to tell ya…

This is the first time someone has ever said to me that

You know, the “not making love” part 😂

Okay, back to you…

All of the information you receive in the consultation will be tailored to your dust control needs and served on a silver plate with exotic fruits from the Pacific for you to Do It Yourself (DIY)…

So, if for some weird reason you don´t want to hire us…

No hard feelings

No problema compadre

Just the thought of helping you is enough

Right, let me move on and explain to you why…
There Is Absolutely No Catch, Whatsoever!
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Your Free Consultation Is Like A Doctor Appointment, Without The Physical Examination And The Sexy Nurse
Listen, I´m not telling all these to brag

Nope, nope nope

The only reason I´m doing it is to show you, no wait…

To prove you I can really solve whatever dust problems you´re having right now

And in order for me to do so, I need to speak with you first…

So I know what your specific dust problems and challenges are

Which is why your Free Consultation will go exactly like a doctor appointment…

Lemme explain my Dear Watson…


We´ll deep dive into your dust problems.

And here you have to go ALL IN 

You need to tell me every little detail about your dust issues 

No matter how insignificant you think they are 

You leave nothing behind my friend

Remember: The more I know, the better I can help you solve your dust problems

We find out where you´re having dust problems

Is it on an unpaved haul road, access road, car parks, underground mining, stockpiles, working area, tailing dam?

And what is causing them Is it because of high wind, heavy traffic volume, etc?

I tell you exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it to eliminate your dust problems once and for all 

Sounds fair?

Good, so this is…
Dust Control Jargon:
Dust Control Jargon:
Dust Control Jargon:
100% Privacy
What You Need To Do To Solve Your Dust Problems
Book Your Free Consultation
Fill In The Form
Choose a Date And Time
Attend The Consultation
This Is NOT A Sales Call… It´s Not Even Close To That. Just Pure Gold Genuine Advice From Someone Who Cares
I think the title says it all

But you know, for sake´s clarity I´ll repeat that again

Your free consultation is NOT a sales call

We won´t be pushing our services whatsoever!

There will be NO sales dirty tactics…

No sales pitch…

This is not what we do, BELIEVE ME…

In fact, you´ll be speaking either with me or with one of my highly experienced engineers

The only purpose of the consultation is to give you genuine advice on how to solve your dust control problems

And with all of the experience we have accumulated, which is a lot by the way…

I guarantee you you´ll finish the consultation with a heavy arsenal of Ready-To-Use dust control strategies and battle-field tested tips to fight the faceless evil dust heads on
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who Is This Free Consultation For?
This free consultation is for anyone….and I mean anyone who is genuinely interested in solving their dust control problems. You can be a mine engineer, project manager, environmental manager, superintendent, mining engineer, and even a CEO. If you´re having dust problems, this consultation is for you.
Am I Really Getting Free Advice And Tips On How Can I Solve My Dust Problems?
Absolutely! This is a pure educational/informational consultation with the only purpose of helping you solve your dust problems. We will give you all the advice, tips, and best practices on dust control for free. 
Will I Be Speaking With A Salesperson?
100% NOPE! You´ll be either speaking with me or with one of our highly experienced engineers. This is NOT a sales call. It´s not even close to that my friend. 
Is My Personal Data Protected?
We take privacy very seriously so all the information you leave in the form will be 100% protected and will not be shared with anyone! The only reason we ask for the information is to prepare ourselves for the call. You know, the more we know about your needs the more we´ll be able to help you.
Will This Work For Me?
We have helped hundreds of companies to solve their dust problems worldwide. From construction to agricultural, oil & gas, transportation, and mining industries. Believe me when I say this free consultation will definitely work for you!
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